Benefits of Sobriety Coins

Addiction to alcohol is a problem that many people today are facing. A lot of alcohol addicts have lost their loved ones and jobs because of their addiction. Alcohol interferes with one’s thinking, making them make a lot of bad decisions, which is why very few people associate themselves with addicts. A lot of addicts, after losing a lot of things they cherish, look for ways to get sober. The path to sobriety, however, is very difficult. One needs constant encouragement and support from their loved ones if they are to have a chance at it. Groups such as alcoholics anonymous were formed to give this support to those who wish to get sober. Alcoholics anonymous, commonly referred to as AA, is a group that sponsors meetings for alcohol addicts. Stories are shared in these meetings amongst recovering addicts, and this enables most of them to stay on track. Recovering alcohol addicts form meaningful connections in these meetings, which then allow them to successfully overcome alcohol addiction.

To further empower alcohol addicts on their journey to sobriety, a lot of AA groups today are giving out AA sobriety coins, medallions, and chips. AA sobriety coins, medallions, and chips indicate the amount of time one has remained sober. You can even be awarded a sobriety coin for being sober for twenty-four hours. Many AA groups give out bronze coins for a week’s sobriety, metallic coins for a month’s sobriety, and progress further as one remains sober for longer. There are a lot of benefits of giving out AA sobriety coins, and we will be looking at some of them in this article.

Firstly, sobriety coins serve as a reminder for recovering addicts. These coins serve as reminders, that whatever one is going through now, they have to endure it for a better tomorrow. Sobriety coins serve as reminders that anything is better than living life as a drunk, by reminding recovering addicts about all that they have accomplished so far in their journey. A sobriety coin is a physical reminder of one’s promise to take care of themselves. When one is reminded of how far they have come, going back is not a viable option.

Another benefit of sobriety coins is that they support and encourage recovering addicts to power through their journey. They serve as support because one is awarded more of them the longer, he or she remains sober. Many people on their path to sobriety have admitted that the anticipation of getting more coins as they power through is one of the main reasons why they fight to stay sober. Some people also use sobriety coins to get their loved ones back, because these coins are proof of dedication to the journey to recovery.

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